Thursday, May 7, 2009

careless w[his]per

You leave me out on so much

I get laughed at, teased at

All I try to do is praise you

When I dont, the slightest words bring you dark clouds

Sometimes I just need your maturity

But you treat it as if I want a change of heart

I get sarcastic, you dont know when I am

You are unfair and I dislike it

I always have to submit to your needs

But I am returned with little

Mail boxes are referred to when a serious conversation is needed

Vocals just take you back to your little cave

I get left hanging when you insist you wont do that

You cant change the smallest things

You leave me with little to do

What do you have for me when im doing everything?

When you put on that face, I have to be worn with guilt and pretend

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