Saturday, February 28, 2009

Going to the end, and back

-Written on August 6th, 2007-

Each day is a new start. A new opportunity for the day. A blessing for a forgotten soul. Those three sentences don’t apply to me That is for those who see the world as a perfect place. Yes I get a new day, is it a blessing or an opportunity? It’s not easy to say so. I can’t seem to get the direction in my life. It’s taking me nowhere. I don’t know what direction to take. Is it because of future opportunities it will not bring me? Or because it is not the blessing I’m looking for? I don’t know! I hate this life for giving me this bullshit. Every freakin day I can’t stick to one decision. I’m always rethinking every night if it’s right or wrong! I hate it! It fucks me up! Every day it gets harder. Because time is being used up. I feel my head should blow up because of so much debate in my mind. I’m serious, it hurts to think about my situation. I feel bad for myself and my family. I shouldn’t be here to watch them suffer my pain.

I dont mind living a short life. If it ends tomorrow, I’d be happy to finally say goodbye to all of you. I don’t want to live anymore. Not this life, not any life in any lifetime. I can’t undo my mistakes. I can’t change my history. I can’t stand the fact I’m so behind with my education. I dont even know what i want in life. I don’t know what I want to do in my life. I might as well leave this world.

I don’t want to think for myself or anyone. My head hurts. The thought of my problem gets bigger than the problems of the government. It’s a shit life in a shit environment. Fuck…I die as I breathe. As I breathe it gets deeper. The deeper it goes, the harder it gets to be pure. I can’t be saved.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"The right dosage of fakeness"

A few weeks ago, me and my chickass were just chilling on juice and ice cream (I know right?!). And i kinda kicked-off the topic of a particular person being fake. The problem is, the person we were talking about was too fake. fake and all its fakeness that comes along with it.
I know we all have our two-faced thingys going on (dont deny it), but there's always a limit as to how far we go with being fake. Personally, im fake to those i know who are fake to me, and of course the unwanted people we wanna be around. But the fake of all fakest person i was talking about with my friends was soo fake. Like....the person would wanna hangout with you, but yet he/she back stabs you. How fake is that? Kinda irritating, but I think that person is going to be such a sad person. I think that faker is just insecure about his/her well-being and cant be content with whats around the person. We all can be fake, but we all need "the right dosage of fakeness". If not, then you aint being true to yourself and the others around you.

Keep it real, don't be fake. For God's sake!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Who is Who?

Which is Katy Perry(artist) & Zooey Deschanel (actress)?



Which is Brian "Head" Welch (former member of rock band, Korn) & Caleb Followill (Vocalist/guitarist for, Kings of Leon)?