Sunday, January 31, 2010

Plastic camera Sunday evening!

So just recently I found a clone of the well known camera, Vivitar PN2011.
What was special about that camera was that it was able to shoot in 2 modes, 1 being regular shots, and the other being panoramic shots. Back then when panoramic cameras were very popular and very expensive, Vivitar came out with an economical alternative to panoramic cameras. Some would refer to it as a "fake panorama" camera just because it wasn't a swing lens system.

The vivitar clone that I found is an Octopus PN 919 S.
Everything about was so similar to the Vivitar PN2011, except for the brand name, and color scheme. I was so psyched about this because finally I saw this camera readily available within my reach, both distribution and price wise. I ordered 5 of them, and one of them I gave it to my friend, an overdue birthday gift. Why did I buy a lot? Some for experiments, and some to sell back at my hometown, Philippines.

I did a test roll when I received the package. I'm just waiting for the scans.
I also just pimped up the Octopus PN 919 S earlier this evening, I modified it to have a "multiple exposure" switch. Which I now call the camera, Octopus Panorampler! Why? Because I can shoot in 3 modes, 1 regular, 1 panoramic, and the last being multi-exposed! Also!! The switch is in a form a "ripcord", just pull the keychain attached to the thread attached to the shutter cocking mechanism thingy, wait for the click, VOILA! You're ready to re-expose your shot!

I'll have lots of fun with my new Octopus Panorampler, and the modification was so much easier than I thought, good thing I decided to kick myself out of lazy ass hour.
Now to test out this baby with the new feature! I'll be putting in a black and white film since there's an ongoing competition for "fake panorama" cameras this month by a local toycam community.

Lomo on! Analog Love forever!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm just an intern

Last week I started interning at a local advertising agency here in Jakarta. Out of the 4 days I came to work (yes, i said work, feels good and weird at the same time) I've only received 4 tasks, and enjoyed doing 3. Because the last task I had required me to write in Bahasa Indonesia, and I had a hard time doing that because I was not connected online, therefore not being able to use google translate...shhh! I'm interning as a copywriter, so far it is what I imagined, and i like it because it is a challenge which I know will help me in the future.
Its Monday, I came in quarter to 9am, and there was a handful of employees in the office. I wish I can come at 10am just to get a couple more snoozes, but I won't do that...I'm just an intern.
2nd week of internship! Let's all have a fun monday!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Morning view

i miss mornings like this. wanting to wake up early just to see the sun and look as far as you can. where time is on your side because not everyone has a chance to do this each waking day. sad to leave you.