Thursday, May 13, 2010

LC-A+ Instant Back

You all got to get this!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

un end 2

The hours of countless blinks.
The tireless movements of imagination.
We are one to remember, we are forever.
No end to these triumphant letters.
We chase stars to remind us of the start.
No confusion to this situation.
Ride on by with our heads up high.
Tears wiped off to look great.
Eyes awaken to grasp our beauty.
Rewind to reminisce, be in the moment to celebrate.
With hours of wait, only seconds for action.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

un end

I'm falling even deeper, to a time of no remember
Take a deep breath to a moment, of never ending thoughts
With a sigh, with a tear, or with a laughter to share a mask
Try to ask me, how are you dear?
I'll simply say, I wish you were here
Can't face reality, in a time of uncertain calamity
This mentality of simplicity surrounded with

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lomo Home Of The Day!

Lomo Home of the day Award goes to me!

WADDUP!?! Cheers!

March 2, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010

March arrived

And you come here troublesome for me. What happened to the good beginnings at every month for the year 2010?! Do your job!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Lomography Loves Indonesia Exhibit

Lomography Loves Indonesia Exhibit
venua: Grand Indonesia, East wing 1st floor
when: Feb20-28

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

120 Redscale is not possible because of the backing paper…WRONG!

Yes, that’s wrong, 120 redscale is possible! Look at my photos to see for yourself

Yes, that’s wrong, 120 redscale is possible! Look at my photos to see for yourself
When I found out about the 35mm redscale technique, I was curious if that could be done for 120 film. A lot of people said that it wasn’t possible. I found that weird because the principle of redscaling 120 film should be the same as redscaling 35mm film. After so many thoughts about it, procrastination sessions, I finally had the push to give it a shot. I had a roll of undeveloped exposed film, so I checked out what had to be done. The film itself is just taped to the back paper, and what’s left of me to do was peel off the taped film, flip the film, and tape it back on. Simple right?!
The hard part of redscaling 120 film:
• Must be done in the dark.
• Aligning the film when taping it to the back paper in the dark.
• Making sure that as you roll back the film to the spool, it doesn’t loosen up.
• Don’t use the redscaled 120 film right away, let it stay rolled in the spool for some minutes to adapt to its new form. This will avoid the film from loosening up when placed inside a camera.
• Use a medium format film that your are confident in getting all 12 shots exposed (my first try was with a Diana F+, I only got 3 out of 12 shots).
• I think we should push process it by 1 stop (I haven’t tried but all my shots are under exposed).
I’m extremely satisfied with this experiment, proving that redscaling 120 film is possible! The possibilities for film photography are endless! That’s why I love lomography and film =D
Now it’s your turn to try out this tip! Go red!
Good Luck and Lomo on!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A True Analogue Love Story Competition

Lomography was excited for last week's Valentines Day, and to spread the love around the lomography community, they opened the "A True Analogue Love Story" Competition.
All those who wanted to join this competition needed their lomographs, and a twitter account. We had to tell a love story, along with the line is a photograph which had to be from our lomohome. It was really simple, the judges were not going to select the winners based on our photographs, the winner is determined by the most number of tweets.
I had to join and win this! All I had to do was make a love story, associate a photograph with my line, and hit my mouse!
Guess what,
I won! With a whopping 1154 tweets, I came in 2nd place. Those who came after me had below 400 tweets.
Finally I won a camera from the many competitions of Lomography!
My prize is the new Pink Fisheye2 and a Lomography City Guide Vienna Book!
Thanks for the wonderful and simple opportunity =D

PS. Sorry to my followers at twitter, I would hate the thought of my streamline being full of 1 person.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February already?!

No longer are the high filled spirits on again. But it is still burning a fire in us.
It's already February, pretty fast, I'm not sure if that was a complaint. Maybe because I'm just ready for whatever comes my way. Although, it would be nice to feel like I have nothing to stress on, such as dealing with my internship, March events which I volunteered to be a part of. Kind of stressful, but I'm willing to take it on because I want to be doing something different. If not different, just something I normally wouldn't do on a daily basis. So as a reminder to myself and to whoever is ready this, let's get out there and do something different, in a way I know we would feel positively tired once we hit our sacks.
Keep it real, get it done.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Plastic camera Sunday evening!

So just recently I found a clone of the well known camera, Vivitar PN2011.
What was special about that camera was that it was able to shoot in 2 modes, 1 being regular shots, and the other being panoramic shots. Back then when panoramic cameras were very popular and very expensive, Vivitar came out with an economical alternative to panoramic cameras. Some would refer to it as a "fake panorama" camera just because it wasn't a swing lens system.

The vivitar clone that I found is an Octopus PN 919 S.
Everything about was so similar to the Vivitar PN2011, except for the brand name, and color scheme. I was so psyched about this because finally I saw this camera readily available within my reach, both distribution and price wise. I ordered 5 of them, and one of them I gave it to my friend, an overdue birthday gift. Why did I buy a lot? Some for experiments, and some to sell back at my hometown, Philippines.

I did a test roll when I received the package. I'm just waiting for the scans.
I also just pimped up the Octopus PN 919 S earlier this evening, I modified it to have a "multiple exposure" switch. Which I now call the camera, Octopus Panorampler! Why? Because I can shoot in 3 modes, 1 regular, 1 panoramic, and the last being multi-exposed! Also!! The switch is in a form a "ripcord", just pull the keychain attached to the thread attached to the shutter cocking mechanism thingy, wait for the click, VOILA! You're ready to re-expose your shot!

I'll have lots of fun with my new Octopus Panorampler, and the modification was so much easier than I thought, good thing I decided to kick myself out of lazy ass hour.
Now to test out this baby with the new feature! I'll be putting in a black and white film since there's an ongoing competition for "fake panorama" cameras this month by a local toycam community.

Lomo on! Analog Love forever!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm just an intern

Last week I started interning at a local advertising agency here in Jakarta. Out of the 4 days I came to work (yes, i said work, feels good and weird at the same time) I've only received 4 tasks, and enjoyed doing 3. Because the last task I had required me to write in Bahasa Indonesia, and I had a hard time doing that because I was not connected online, therefore not being able to use google translate...shhh! I'm interning as a copywriter, so far it is what I imagined, and i like it because it is a challenge which I know will help me in the future.
Its Monday, I came in quarter to 9am, and there was a handful of employees in the office. I wish I can come at 10am just to get a couple more snoozes, but I won't do that...I'm just an intern.
2nd week of internship! Let's all have a fun monday!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Morning view

i miss mornings like this. wanting to wake up early just to see the sun and look as far as you can. where time is on your side because not everyone has a chance to do this each waking day. sad to leave you.