Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A True Analogue Love Story Competition

Lomography was excited for last week's Valentines Day, and to spread the love around the lomography community, they opened the "A True Analogue Love Story" Competition.
All those who wanted to join this competition needed their lomographs, and a twitter account. We had to tell a love story, along with the line is a photograph which had to be from our lomohome. It was really simple, the judges were not going to select the winners based on our photographs, the winner is determined by the most number of tweets.
I had to join and win this! All I had to do was make a love story, associate a photograph with my line, and hit my mouse!
Guess what,
I won! With a whopping 1154 tweets, I came in 2nd place. Those who came after me had below 400 tweets.
Finally I won a camera from the many competitions of Lomography!
My prize is the new Pink Fisheye2 and a Lomography City Guide Vienna Book!
Thanks for the wonderful and simple opportunity =D

PS. Sorry to my followers at twitter, I would hate the thought of my streamline being full of 1 person.

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