Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm just an intern

Last week I started interning at a local advertising agency here in Jakarta. Out of the 4 days I came to work (yes, i said work, feels good and weird at the same time) I've only received 4 tasks, and enjoyed doing 3. Because the last task I had required me to write in Bahasa Indonesia, and I had a hard time doing that because I was not connected online, therefore not being able to use google translate...shhh! I'm interning as a copywriter, so far it is what I imagined, and i like it because it is a challenge which I know will help me in the future.
Its Monday, I came in quarter to 9am, and there was a handful of employees in the office. I wish I can come at 10am just to get a couple more snoozes, but I won't do that...I'm just an intern.
2nd week of internship! Let's all have a fun monday!


  1. aww wee... its gud ur enjoying it! thats the spiritt mr intern... :D

  2. good luck with the internship chinnyyyyy xxo