Wednesday, May 20, 2009


A tear falls with letters of love

Words spoken with a weight of care

Voices heard through distorted tones

Emotions hidden in regret of confusion

A touch felt through sincere honesty

Expressions without a thought

A prediction sneaking from another moment

A past meant to realize

Adjustments failing to be played

A time for a moment

Scars for life

Confusion leads to no solution

Decisions made to be carried without doubt

Satisfaction short of recognition

Blinded by hope, hopeful by sight

I am nothing, yet I walk as though I have a mission

Life given to me does not shout of cheers

But it screams of whisper

Oceans will roar

A vision of freedom, yet a cry of help

Clueless yet knows another has a better plan

If so, why is there questions of a needed answer

If fault is upon, then punishment must be delivered

Have time as a second and not a year

Smiles should be shared and sadness will be automatic

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