Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hot & Cold

It's like a kid lost his favorite blanket and can't sleep
A hole that needs you to make me whole
I can't say that I'm lost without you, I'm just misled without you
Confusion asks a lot, but isn't that better than always knowing it directly?
I Guess the distance is probably the only thing killing us
Your movements echo that I have seen, the real thing
The phone rings, I know its not you, but inside of me i hoping its you
I'm walking after you, but will you walk with me?
We don't pair up like salt and pepper, fries and ketchup...
But being beer and bubble gum is better
We wont like everything about the beer and the bubble gum, but we still love it
You know how to fizz me up just right, I know how to make your sweetness last

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