Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Balcony Scene

It's always a beautiful thing
I've never felt it before, and it's a fantasy to be a part of it
It's calm, powerful, soothing, yet subtly striking
She poses of comfort and security
And no human being has ever portrayed that
I feel as though I will be powerful once im there
I'll see everything and anything when im with you
Your appearance changes almost every minute
But I know your still the same.
Pick me up as fast as your wind
Shades of blue and white can never disappoint me
Although, it would take a far fetched miracle to be with you
I don't mind sitting here watching you all day
The evening brings out a whole new feeling from you
You shine undeniably distinct, it's the same even though you tend to hide your glory
I'll share these thoughts with another person, and you'll know that you've striked again

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