Friday, January 23, 2009

That far away girl

The opening was '09 was great. I spent a week with her, as in, each freakin day, hour, minute, second, millisecond, u get it. You might be thinking, why is spending a week with that far away girl so great? Because when my whole family is back home, i rarely have the chance to meet that girl, we'd be meeting like once a month, or even longer than a month. When I got the chance to be with her everyday, it was great cause the vibes were filled with happiness, electricity of excitement, and fulfilled smiles all throughout. Also, one night, i stayed over at her area. Camped out in my car, I thought it would be easy to sleep in a car, but it wasn't. Because it gets hot inside, and I'd rather not sleep in a car with its AC switched on. And in that night, lets just say I had an adventure from moving venue's. All in all, it was great, that week with her was great! There's no moral obligation in this note, just me sharing how much I enjoyed that week. And that camp out at her area, I've never done that for any girl. So it was a cool experience.
Now its back to reality, after that whole week being with her, I've only seen her once this month. It's hard living far apart, but theres always a way to make it work out. Hopefully I'd spend another week with her soon. Let's just see what happens next to me and that far away girl.

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